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bâche d'ensilage noir Trioblack


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bâche d'ensilage Trioblack
bâche d'ensilage Trioblack
bâche d'ensilage Trioblack

Trioblack: Classic film

Trioblack is our long-standing standard film, the must-have of the range. Trioblack has been the benchmark silage cover for more than 35 years and meets all the requirements for the conservation of grass and maize fodder, but also for any other farm uses.
This black agricultural plastic film is 150 microns thick, is made of 90% recycled material from post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials and has been certified by the Blue Angel label since September 2020.

The advantages of Trioblack film:

  • Due to its mechanical properties, our black Trioblack film has a high resistance to perforation.
  • Our Trioblack silage cover offers 12 months of UV protection.
  • Its 150-micron thickness allows it to withstand bad weather. Its folding enables easy positioning of the film on your silo.
  • Trioblack is made of recycled polyethylene and is 100% recyclable.
  • The film is airtight and watertight.
  • The range of black film is available in different widths (from 6m to 18m) and lengths (25m, 50m and 330m²) to perfectly fit your silo’s dimensions.

Instructions for use
To improve your silo’s airtightness, place your silo cover over the 40-micron Triotech underlayer film.


Trioblack Brochure


Technical data sheet

Colours Black/Black
Width (m) 6m to 18m
Length (m) 25m and 50m
Thickness 150 and 180 microns