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Our silage film

Our Triosilo silage film

With more than 35 years of expertise in the manufacture of recycled silage covers, the production and marketing of agricultural film Triosilo has developed an expertise to ensure better conservation of your silage. The selection of raw materials, the development of our formulas and our manufacturing processes allow us to produce high quality silage film that will allow the fodder to ferment in the best possible conditions.

We continuously work closely with our customers and partners to develop our range and meet your needs.
Our products are tested by livestock breeders, their performance is measured, the quality and stability of the fodder is assessed at harvest and after fermentation and monitored by our agricultural engineers. Optimal silo preparation, in conjunction with the choice of your silage cover, are the two most important elements for optimal fodder quality, ensuring that the right nutritional content is provided.
Triosilo silage covers meet the criteria of high strength, ease of handling, oxygen impermeability and environmental responsibility.
It is important to choose the right silage film. The main criteria to consider are: colour, thickness, mechanical strength, durability in resisting UV, recyclability and the impact on fossil resources. Our Triosilo range offers a wide selection of sizes and colours. For example, a cover with a lighter coloured outer surface will absorb less UV light and therefore reduce the temperature rise of your fodder for better conservation. (Colour can also be a factor in how well it blends into the landscape). To improve the quality of your fodder we recommend the addition of our 40-micron Triotech underlayer film, which will perfectly match the contours of your silo. Our guide, which is accessible here, will help you to choose the ideal silage film for your silo.

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