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My silage film

How to choose my silage cover ?

Silage films serve to protect your valuable feed. Many farmers rely on fermentation as a method of preserving forage because of its numerous advantages. This method, which has been tried and tested in livestock farming, allows the nutrients to be optimally preserved. Silage films offer an effective and efficient solution for covering the forage stock.
To properly cover and store your silage, you need a strong and durable film. Our Triosilo silage film is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. Since we run our own recycling line in the factory, we can select the waste to be recycled ourselves which allows us to produce high quality pellets for high quality films. Our range of Triosilo silage film is resistant to adverse weather conditions and has an optimal water, air and heat sealing system. This way you get optimum protection and fresh, healthy and nutritious silage for your livestock.

Choose my silage film

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Our guide will help you choose your silage film:

It is important to choose the right silage film for your needs. The main criteria to consider are: colour, thickness, mechanical strength, UV resistance, recyclability and the impact on fossil resources. Our Triosilo range offers a wide selection of sizes and colours. For example, cover with a lighter coloured outer surface will absorb less UV light and therefore reduce the temperature increase of the fodder for better conservation. (Colour can also be a factor in how well it blends into the landscape). To improve the quality of your fodder, we recommend the addition of our 40-micron Triotech underlayer film, which will perfectly match the contours of your silo. This is how our guide will help you to choose the ideal silage film for your silo.

Our Triosilo range offers silage films in different thicknesses between 110 and 150 microns, whereby the thickness-optimised products have the same or even better mechanical properties as those with standard thickness. The selection of raw materials, our innovation in the development of our formulae and our manufacturing processes allow us to produce high quality silage film. Having our own laboratory means we can analyse the performance of our film according to various criteria such as resistance to perforation, elongation and tearing.
Remember to return your silage films to collection points for recycling after use.