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The whole Triosilo range is made from plastic that has been produced from recycled materials. With 35 years of experience in recycling, we have the capacity to incorporate post-consumer recycled (PCR) pellets in all our products, thereby reducing your environmental impact.

What is post-consumer plastic? How do we classify the environmental qualities of our products? What are the certifications that prove it? What is the benefit of using these materials? We answer all your questions here:

Post-consumer recycled material or PCR 

Post-consumer recycled plastic, known as PCR, consists of plastic materials that have already had a complete life cycle: manufacture > use > end of life. This post-consumer waste generated by households, commercial and industrial facilities can no longer be used for the purpose for which it was designed but is not suitable for burning or landfills. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, demanding specifications and state of the art recycling plant, we can reintegrate this post-consumer waste into the Triosilo range while maintaining the same mechanical and conservation qualities as virgin plastic.

The recycled plastic at the heart of the Triosilo range  

The whole Triosilo product range comprises recycled polyethylene and is 100% recyclable.

Supporting the ecological transition of industry and agriculture through a common approach means assuring our suppliers and customers that our entire range is geared towards this objective: range image and PCR %.

Sustainable plastic - we measure its impact 

The environmental benefits of PCR plastics are the keys that make Triosilo’s initiative its greatest strength, all without compromising on the conservation quality of your fodder.

As the market leader in recycled agricultural plastics, we quantify all the benefits of using PCR compared to the same product in virgin material.

  • reducing the extraction of raw material through the second life of plastics,
  • drastically reducing CO2 emissions from our activities and ultimately your activities as well,
  • or reducing waste going to landfills or incineration.

All these are benefits and commitments towards the ecological transition that we measure thanks to the life cycle assessment of the whole Triosilo range.